Greg & Darlene Larsen

  Our vision is to reach people for Jesus and serve them, lifting them up; while providing a place for other believers to do the same.   We try to live our lives every day, looking for where God wants us to use our gifts.

A little about us...


  I was born again at age thirty, after many years of wandering in sin and trying to fix myself. I wanted to take my kids to church and God brought me home as well. He saved me from a destructive path and gave my life purpose, direction and peace. Leading my family in the Lord is very important to me and I’m committed to being a disciple of Jesus; being a man of the Word who shares His love when opportunity arises.
  I enjoy serving in my church, traveling and working on the home where my wife and I will retire.


  I didn’t know Jesus until I was twenty-nine. I was taken to church as a child, but didn’t know anything about Jesus or His Word. After the birth of our first child, I had an unexplainable drive to attend church. I was introduced to Bible Study Fellowship and through the study of God’s Word, I began to understand that I was a sinner, in need of a Savior. I accepted His free gift of Salvation and have not looked back!

  Email us at office@cfcrenton.com if you would like information about any of our ministry teams. Please be sure to include which ministry you would like to hear about.