Young Adults


Kevin & Bridget Summers

The early adult years bring challenges. We want young adults to have a place to recharge, take a load off and just have time to be themselves; laughing, talking, supporting and encouraging each other; knowing that God has good things planned for them.

A little about us…

I came to know Jesus at age eleven. I felt an inward nudge and while attending a water baptism, I heard a voice say, “Welcome”. I chose to live my life for Jesus.

I enjoy motorcycles, reading, movies and spending time just thinking.


I was raised in a Christian home; involved in our church. It was at age six, in children’s church, that I realized I was becoming part of something bigger than myself. I became part of the family of God. I love people of all ages and walks of life. Simply put, I love life and living it for Jesus.

In my spare time I love capturing moments through photography, spending time with friends and family and just enjoying a good laugh or playing games.

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