CFC has been partnering with La Iglesia Colonia Rio Hardy, in Mexicali, Mexico since 2006. Pastor John and Alicia Thompson have been very welcoming and helpful in identifying the specific needs of the people in the community. Partnering resources, we are able to help them reach more souls for eternal salvation in Jesus Christ, and to be life examples and living responses to some of the most basic needs, that we are so blessed to have. 

Please consider joining us in partnership, through being a team member that goes, praying for our team, or helping us financially. Every part is important and there is someone for every part. 

What 'part' is God calling you to today? 

Our next Mission Trip will be February 2020.
If you would like more information, please contact Darlene Larsen,
through our church office. 425-226-238

Click here for some pictures of the Mexicali Mission Trip 2015